First Visit
Orthodontists are specialists who have extensive training in the design, application, and control of corrective appliances. Patients with dental or facial irregularities should be treated by an orthodontist so as to receive the best possible care and results. Dr. Thomas Jaeger has the specialized equipment, facility, and staff to address any orthodontic need. 

Initial Examination
Jaeger Orthodontics is dedicated to making your first visit to our office an enjoyable, comfortable, and convenient experience. During your first appointment, we will take you on a tour of our office to familiarize you with staff members and rooms. We will then take a panoramic x-ray as well as digital photos of your smile and bite. During your treatment consultation, we will create a customized treatment plan that recognizes your individual, unique needs. Your treatment plant will be discussed with you and an outline of your treatment will be sent to your dentist. 

Regular Visits

After your treatment has begun, follow up appointments are usually every 4-8 weeks and usually last betwen 15-45 minutes. At Jaeger Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on providing prompt, courteous service and we are dedicated to respecting your time and schedule. We always strive to see each patient on time. 

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