Common Orthodontic Problems
There are many different orthodontic issues that may cause a crooked or unattractive smile. The orthodontic issues listed below are the most common.


If you have gaps between each tooth then you may have issues with spacing. Braces are able to correct this issue, closing the spaces between the teeth. More>>


If your upper and lower teeth do not meet in the front then you probably have an underbite. Underbites are characterized by a large space between where the upper teeth and lower teeth are located when the mouth is closed. More>>


A crossbite occurs when the upper teeth in the back of the mouth fit inside the lower teeth. The other teeth may line up correctly, however.  More>>


If your lower jaw protrudes over your upper jaw then you most likely have an overbite. Braces combined with rubber bands and other treatment methods can help correct an overbite. More>>


Dental crowding is perhaps the most common of orthodontic problems. Crowding occurs when the size of the teeth are larger than the total size of the jawbone holding the teeth.  More>>
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